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Updated: Mar 22, 2020

Hey folks. This yr old pal Johnny P. writing from the dining room. Not long ago, I let the site go offline. I was working full-time as a physical therapist assistant, working on comics and writing projects occasionally, but really just too worn out at the end of the week to bother with "Writing as a Vocation."

But with the covid, well now, things changed. First of all, I've got no patients and a closed clinic, so you know what they say about idle hands. Second, well I'll be darned if all the springtime cons didn't get canceled! I was looking forward to selling some books and making some new friends out in Conventionland.

Anyhow, here's the site as a way to get your hands on some comix. And I'm using wix to power the store and the site configuration. I gotta admit i like it.

If you need me,

See ya around the apocalypse.

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